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Space-walkers Wrap Up Third Spacewalk


*Spacewalkers Wrap Up Third Spacewalk*

Astronauts Joe Tanner and Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper completed 
STS-115ís triple play by successfully conducting the missionís third 
spacewalk at the International Space Station. During the 6-hour, 
42-minute excursion, Tanner and Piper continued efforts to prepare the 
stationís newly installed P3/P4 truss segment for operation and also 
completed other tasks devoted to the assembly and maintenance of the 
station. The spacewalk came to a close at 12:42 p.m. EDT.

Shortly after beginning the spacewalk at 6 a.m. EDT, Tanner and Piper 
retrieved a materials exposure experiment from the stationís exterior 
and performed maintenance on the P6 truss. The space-walkers then moved 
to the P3/P4 truss, where they prepared a radiator for deployment. 
Flight controllers unfurled the radiator, a device that will remove heat 
from the station, at 9:11.

Tanner and Piper also installed a wireless TV antenna on the station and 
replaced a faulty antenna assembly on the S1 truss. Near the end of the 
spacewalk, Tanner and Piper conducted a test to evaluate infrared video 
of Space Shuttle Atlantisí wing leading edge. They also performed 
get-ahead tasks that were slated to take place on future spacewalks.

Mission Specialist Dan Burbank coordinated spacewalk activities, and 
Mission Specialist Steve MacLean oversaw station robotic arm operations. 
During this mission, MacLean became the first Canadian astronaut to 
operate the arm built by his home country.

Later today, the stationís mobile transporter will be moved to a 
worksite on the P3 as part of checkout. The transporter is used move the 
stationís Integrated Truss Structure.

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