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Teven-Tintenbar / ISS Contact Report

Teven-Tintenbar / ISS ARISS School Link-up 11th August 2006
The students from the small public school of Teven-Tintenbar, located in 
the Northern Rivers Region of New South Wales, Australia had a 
successful direct contact with the ISS on the evening of Aug.11, 2006.
For several weeks prior to the event the principal, Mr. Keith Scott and 
staff had been preparing and releasing reports to the local media on the 
schools preparation. Children had been busy making models of space 
stations, rockets, shuttles and planets as well as painting murals to 
decorate the school.

The big day had almost arrived and along with Nick,VK2ZTY who instigated 
the idea of ARISS contact Jack,VK2TRF and the Summer-land Amateur Radio 
Club set-up the Satellite Station with a full backup at the School, 
complete with computer controlled crossed Yagi antennas and a 70 cm. 
link back to VK2RSC in Lismore for an audio feed into Echo-link.
Contact with the ISS was to be made at 5.32 pm local time so the school 
decided to devote the whole afternoon and evening to space, inviting 
“The Cosmic Couple” to attend during the afternoon bringing along their 
inflatable astrodome, 2 telescopes and model rocket display and speak to 
the children about astronomy and space.
During the afternoon parent groups and teachers alike where preparing 
salads, cakes, coffee, and barbeques ready to feed both children and 
visitors after it was all over.
By 4.00 p.m. this small primary school of only 180 students started to 
receive visitors for the evenings event and by 5:00 pm. it was estimated 
that between 350 - 400 parents and visitors had arrived.

The actual contact took place from within the school library with the 
students who were taking part, their parents and radio equipment filling 
the room. A second and third room where set-up, complete with seating, 
and live audio and video for the guests. When it became obvious still 
more space would be required a large screen and video projector with 
audio was set-up outside for the overflow.
Tony, VK5ZAI, the ARISS coordinator for Australia was present and spoke 
with 2 classes in the morning, then addressed the gathering just before 
contact was made, explaining the objects of ARISS and naming its sponsors.
Nick, VK2ZTY was hoping that their oldest Radio Club member who has just 
turned 100 would be there to call the Space Station, however he wasn’t 
available so he want to the other extreme and asked the youngest member 
instead. Amy, VK2FCAT who is just 12 years old and has recently obtained 
her foundation licence stepped in and did a superb job.
After making contact with the space Station 17 of the 23 students 
received answers from Astronaut Jeff Williams before the ISS went below 
the horizon. At this point Tony was again called upon to answer the last 
6 student questions that hadn’t been answered as well as several more 
from the audience.
The School Captain then presented each of those who helped make the 
evening a success with a small gift.
The highlight of the evening being over, the crowd dispersed outside to 
enjoy the food that was prepared earlier in the day.
The final thrill for everyone was 91 minutes later just after sunset 
when the ISS could be clearly seen to the north on its next orbit
Numerous press where there, along with radio and TV, as well as a 
private video photographer making a documentary video.

Regards Tony.  VK5ZAI

P.O.Box 470 Kingston SE 
South Australia  5275

Australian ARISS Co-ordinator
and Satellite ground Station.

Web Site :- 

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