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Space Shuttle Mission STS-115


     Space Shuttle Mission STS-115

Orbiter: Atlantis
Mission: Space Station Assembly Mission 12A
Payload: P3/P4 Integrated Truss Segment
Launch Window: Aug. 27 - Sept. 13
Launch Pad: 39B
Mission Duration: 11 days

Launch Date Decision Nears

The two-day flight readiness review for mission STS-115 begins today at 
NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Following the conclusion of the 
review on Wednesday, officials will host a news conference to announce 
the targeted launch date for STS-115.

What is the flight readiness review?
Approximately two weeks prior to the opening of the launch window for 
each space shuttle, the Shuttle Mission Management Team meets at Kennedy 
Space Center for a thorough review of the next mission. Also in 
attendance are other top-level NASA officials, Space Shuttle Program 
managers, engineers and contractors. The group conducts a comprehensive 
evaluation of all activities and elements necessary for the safe and 
successful performance of shuttle mission operations -- from the 
prelaunch phase through post-landing. They also examine the readiness of 
the space shuttle, flight crew and payloads to determine if everything 
is set to proceed with launch.

At the conclusion of the review, the chairman of the Mission Management 
Team conducts a poll of the team members. If there are no unresolved 
issues, the members then sign a "Certification of Flight Readiness" to 
verify that all flight preparation processes to that date have been 
successfully completed. The official launch date is then set and 
announced, and shuttle processing continues toward the projected liftoff 

The STS-115 astronauts spent last week at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in 
Florida, where they conducted the terminal countdown demonstration test 
in preparation for their launch aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis.
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The Launch Team
Meet the NASA team that is responsible for launching mission STS-115.
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What does it take to carry out a space shuttle mission? Shuttle experts 
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