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Re: further late reply regarding ISS simplex

Actually, the NASA pen story is a myth.


And working split under pileup conditions is a pretty standard and 
proven radio operating technique.

73, Bob K0NR

McGrane wrote:
> Hi bob- You must live in a bad area. My fellow amateurs always quieted
> down when they heard an astronaut calling someone. Seems like you and NASA
> are pretty set in your ways. Dont you think its time to let some others
> have their way with the space program?
> I remeber an joke I heard years ago; NASA spent a million dollars to
> develop a pen that would write in zero gravity...... the russians used
> pencils.
> I see no open-mindedness here. pat
> On Fri, 11 Aug 2006, Robert Bruninga wrote:
>>> Hello again- the astronauts will hear everyone calling 
>>> whether its split or simplex operation so why not make it
>> simplex!
>> Because many of us live near inconsiderate operators that step
>> all
>> Over the downlink by transmitting on the uplink.  Simplex is
>> just not a good idea.
>> The downlink should be separate from the uplink so that everyone
>> can hear the downlink without interfererence from uplink
>> stations.
>> Bob 
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