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further late reply regarding ISS simplex

Greetings from patrick N2OEQ

Despite support of the present frequency scheme for the ISS I still wish
to disagree with the policy of split operation with different phone

Back when the MIR was up, the russians operated simplex and left the radio
on to listen for callers.
On several occasions, I called the MIR according to my tracking program
and was rewarded several times with a response.

With two different uplink frequencies, the astronauts are less inclined to
leave the radio on to listen for callers. 

When there were several callers here on simplex responding to a CQ call
from the MIR, we acted civilized and took turns and everyone made contacts
so I dont buy the absolute need for split operation.
Besides, how many callers could there be within 20 or 30 miles up to the

We've had years of robot like amateur radio on the ISS. How about
loosening the ties!

Thanks for the soapbox..... pat

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