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SSTV sent Tuesday, Did any recieve them?

ISS Amateur Radio Status: August 9, 2006 
Slow Scan TV on ISS update 
By Miles Mann WF1F, MAREX-MG 
News www.marexmg.org 
Manned Amateur Radio Experiment 

A few more SSTV sent from ISS

On Tuesday August 9, 2006, Pavel on ISS sent to Earth
a few more SSTV images.
And a few images may have also been sent on Sunday
August 6.  
The tests were Short and most likely conducted while
in range of Russia.  The Down link frequency may have
been 145.800 MHZ FM.

If anyone copied these test images could you please
forward a copy to Marex via marexmg@comcast.net

Marexmg Web page
73 Miles WF1F MAREX-MG 

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