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121 messages in the guestbook for Bill McArthur NA1SS CDROM!

Hello All,

In an earlier posting I had anounced to make a CDROM for Bill McArthur (NA1SS).
Astronaut Bill McArthur was much active on hamradio during his 6 months -
mission aboard the ISS Space Station (he is already back on earth).
Many people have sended audio files (some with pics of the operator THANKS!!!).
There are already 121 messages in the McArthur guestbook, these message
will be shown on the CDROM!!!
In case you did not signed the McArthur guestbook yet, you can do it now on
this direct McArthur guestbook link:
Or go to: http://www.pd0rkc.com (look on the main page!).

In case you have your QSO (with McArthur NA1SS) recorded please send it
to: wegaman@gmail.com 
An picture of the operator would be nice so Bill McArthur can see the operator which
he spoke in the past!!!

Also I like to have more ISS school contact audio files!!!

31 august is the last day that you can send your files (and sign McArthur guestbook).
If you want cooporate, please do it right now otherwise you might forget!!!

The CDROM will be delivered to McArthur (via N5VHO Kenneth Ransom JSC NASA).

Please spread this message arround on internet (on forums or websites!).


73's Cor PD0RKC

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