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press release Scientific Center Kuwait June 28, 2006


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June 28, 2006

Wednesday 28 June 2006 at 11:26 UTC, i.e. 14:26 local time, the
Scientific Center Kuwait in Salmiyah, Kuwait, established a telebridge
contact with US astronaut Jeff Williams, KD5TVQ, on board the
International Space Station, via the ARISS Ground Station in Hawaii
operated by Nancy Rocheleau, WH6PN. Will Marchant was the moderator of
the contact.

The Scientific Center of Kuwait's (TSCK) mission is dedicated to the
advancement of the sciences and cultural heritage of Kuwait. The center
promotes public awareness, knowledge of and commitment to the care and
conservation of the wildlife and ecosystems of the Arabian Gulf region.
The Center is a gift to the nation built by the Kuwait Foundation for
the Advancement of Sciences and was opened in April 2000. The Scientific
center serves as an excellent center for environmental education in the
Arabian Gulf region. Visitors can observe natural habitats such as the
desert and marine life.

Maryam Aljoaan, 9K2MD, the radio contact coordinator for this ISS
contact, decided in favor of a bridge contact. She did a very good job
because the students were very well prepared.

The audience in the shack room was about 40 people including the mass

It was a historic moment. For the first time the ISS did an ARISS school
contact with Kuwait.

At exactly 11:26 UTC, right on schedule, contact with NA1SS was
established by WH5PN. Astronaut Jeff Williams answered all the 22
questions on various topics. The astronaut replied for example that they
are doing a lot of experiments based on microgravity and that
space-walking is one of his favourite activities. The signal from the
ISS was a bit noisy at the beginning, but then clear and loud. Then,
after the 22nd question the coordinator Maryam Aljoaan thanked the
astronaut for the contact and let him listen to the enthusiastic
applause of the audience. And Jeff Williams said Goodbye to Kuwait.

What a success in every aspect!

73, Peter Kofler, IN3GHZ, ARISS mentor

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