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Scarlett Middle School. Contact Overview

Hi All

For the benefit of subscribers to this list I'll provide the  following
overview of the recent Scarlett Middle School ARISS contact:

On June 6th, 2006 Scarlett Middle School, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA,
contacted the International Space Station and Astronaut Jeff Williams via
amateur radio station N0EFT. This represents the 243rd successful ARISS

With the exception of some acquisition difficulties associated with the ground
station the contact was uninterrupted through to LOS. A total of 13 questions
were asked by students from Mr. Jon Strempek's 6th grade science class amidst
smiling faces.

In attendance was Glenn Nelson, a representative of the Ann Arbor Public
Schools Board of Education; a representative from Congressman John Dingell's
office:; NASA Aerospace Education Specialist, Jim Fitzgerald;
representatives from the Ann Arbor News as well as various school
administration, faculty and parents.

Amateur radio ground station operations involved radio coordinator Ignacy
Justyna, N0EFT; back up radio operator Tim Nevius, WA8VTD; Doug Ensor, K8DE
provided the antenna systems. The event was supplemented with presentations on
amateur radio by Dan Romanchik, KB6NU.

At the conclusion of the contact with the ISS, Scarlett was presented with a
United States flag from Congressman Dingell's office as a representation of
explorers of new frontiers.

Scarlett Middle School has been a NASA Explorer School since 2004, engaging
students, families and educators through learning in the areas of mathematics,
science and technology.

Submitted by Wayne Harasimovitch, VE1WPH
ARISS Mentor Team
for N0EFT

Thanks and 73
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