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ARISS successful contact for Bradley-Bourbonnais Community High School

Hi all,

Bradley-Bourbonnais Community  High School, Bradley, Illinois had a very 
successful ARISS contact with Bill  operating NA1SS today at 18:02 UTC.  Bill came 
into the clear about 10  seconds after the predicted AOS and the contact went 
right up to the predicted  LOS.  Congratulations to both.

There were 15 students involved and  20 questions were able to be answered 
before Bill went out of range.  There  were about 300 in the auditorium with the 
rest of the school watching in via the  school's video system.  The school 
has almost 2000 students.

The  control operator was Jim Schreiner K9BIG; one of the teachers at the 
high  school.  He was helped by at least 20 members of the Kankakee Area Radio  
Society (KARS).  Jim was also able to use the school's club call of  K9BHS.

The contact was simulcast using video streaming and audio  streaming.  It is 
my understanding that the video stream did have almost  900 hits but that 
there were some problems once many people tried to view.   The audio stream I have 
been told seemed to have no problems.

The contact  was also put on the local Comcast cable network as a live 
special show.   There were several newspapers and radio stations also present.

I was able  to be at the school in person and everyone there did a great job. 
  Congratulations to all involved.

Charlie Sufana AJ9N
ARISS  Mentor for Bradley-Bourbonnais  
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