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25 March successful hamradio event in the Octopus school in Holland!

The day for Technique!
Octopus school in Holland.
For the future of our nice hobby it's very important
to involve children to amateur radio.
On 25 March was a ham radio event for school children
in the Octopus school in the city of Zwolle (in Holland).

The activities in the school:
International Space Station (ISS).
Amateur Television
Making small electronic circuits
DARES emergency radio

During the activities we where lucky that Bill McArthur had some time to
come on the radio so we could show the children that with our
beautiful wireless hobby, we also can talk with astronauts in Space.
In the first (good) ISS pass the school director Dick (PA0DFN) made
a QSO with astronaut McArthur (NA1SS).
Bill McArthur invited us for the next pass.
Also in the third ISS pass we had a nice short contact, at that time
many more children (and parents) were present in the school .
Unfortunately I could not let the children talk to McArthur because
this was not an official ISS school contact (we used the normal EU freq.
The ham radio equipment for this event was my Kenwood TS-790 and
a 9 element cross yagi (with hor & ver switch).

Audio recordings of the ISS contacts you can download from:

The school director Dick (PA0DFN) received 8 private service radios, they are
already modified to the VHF ham radio frequencies, at 10 April will be given
to 8 schools
where childeren can listen to future European ISS school contacts, and other
hamradio activities.
We go to make a easy J antenna schematic so the students can build the antenna
for their
Cor (PD0RKC) shall give the teacher (and students) instructions to use the
I hope this is also an idea for others!!!!

73's Cor PD0RKC
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