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Re: Request for contact with NA1SS

Dear OM Miles, WF1F
Thanks for your feedback. I could copy the Packet Beacon at 11.24 UTC
during an almost overhead pass over New Delhi today.

It reads:
"RS0ISS-3 TM-D700 In Service APRS/BBS & PACKET ON"
I also received the station Icon (that of an 'aeroplane').

But I am not sure about the frequency for a packet uplink. I assume that
when we hear a 'packet beacon' on 145.800 MHz, the 'Packet Uplink' would
be on 144.490 MHz. But I think this pair of frequency is usually used for
'voice' uplink/downlink.

As you said, "Only one mode is active at a time, Voice, packet or
repeater", I wonder if my assumption is correct or not.

Or shall I have to use 145.990 MHz (which is the designated
packet uplink freq. for ISS) for a Packet Uplink if I hear a packet on
145.800 MHz?

I would appreciate an information on that very much.
Tnx es best 73s
sandeep vu2mue

> Here are some tips for working ISS.
> posted on web
> www.marexmg.org
> Only one mode is active at a time, Voice, packet or
> repeater.  Most of the time it is in packet mode.
> However most of your contacts are purly random.
> Monitor every pass between 0600 - 2100 UTC, week days
> and weekend for the next 3 weeks.

> 73 wf1f
> www.marexmg.org
> http://www.marexmg.org/
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