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Re: Bill looking for North Dakota contact

Hi Adam!

> During the 16:48 UTC pass over North America, I heard Bill calling CQ for a
> North Dakota station.  I'm not sure if he ever got a response, so if you or
> someone you know lives in North Dakota, it might be a good idea to be
> available during the next couple of passes this afternoon!

Up until I had LOS around 1650 UTC, I didn't hear him get a North Dakota
station.  I think he worked South Dakota just as the station was near LOS.
He had also been calling CQ for Wyoming, and worked W7CAT in that state
and asked him to send a QSL card in.

He worked me after first calling CQ when the ISS approached North America,
then N2IX/mobile in the Imperial Valley of southern California.  Then
Bill worked
KG6POM, WD8PFS, W7CAT, and KA0IGV as the station went away from me.
I'm going through the recording I made, so I get the accurate time for the QSOs
with N2IX (I'm his QSL manager) and me for the QSL cards that will go in the
mail tomorrow.

This time, I had my Arrow 2m/70cm Yagi in the car and used that instead of a
telescoping whip to make the QSO.  I used the same radio that I used for my
other NA1SS voice QSO in December, an IC-T7H HT (6W on 2m).  It's still a
rush to work the space station, and this time to do it when the
station was about
6 to 8 degrees above the horizon at the start of the pass while standing in
downtown Phoenix.


Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK - Phoenix, Arizona USA
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