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Request for a contact with NA1SS today at 11:25 UTC New Delhi

Hi folks,
This is my first mail to this group.

ISS has a overhead pass over New Delhi (India) today at 11:25 UTC (
16:55 our local time). I have my TH-D7 ready with an Arrow. I would
appreciate a contact with OM Bill, KC5ACR (NA1SS) if he can spare his
time from 11:24 to 11:28 UTC (peak would be at 11:25 UTC). I have
configured the handy for 144.490 MHz Uplink and 145.800 MHz Downlink.
I don't know whether the Cross-Band Repeater is also 'ON' on 437.800.
Can I also try to send a short beacon message for Bill on 145.990 MHz
Packet uplink?

I would appreciate suggestions.
mni tnx es
best 73s
Sandeep, VU2MUE
New Delhi, India


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