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NASA and Honeywell Win Top Award for Science Education Initiative


 > March 20, 2006
 > Sonja Alexander
 > Headquarters, Washington
 > (202) 358-1761
 > Jim O'Leary
 > Honeywell International, Morris Township, N.J.
 > (973) 455-6684
 > NASA and Honeywell's joint science education effort "FMA Live!" was
 > recognized as the top community outreach program in the United States
 > during the recent Promotional Marketing Association's 2006 Reggie
 > Awards.
 > The association awards annually identify and honor the best integrated
 > U.S. marketing programs. The FMA Live! program received a Gold Reggie
 > Award in the Cause/Community Outreach category.
 > The program is part of a national partnership between NASA and
 > Honeywell Hometown Solutions. The effort engages middle-school
 > students in the wonders of science, technology and math through
 > innovative programs and by highlighting the relevance of natural
 > sciences encountered during daily lives.
 > "Right now, tomorrow's space explorers are seated in America's
 > classrooms-asking questions, solving problems and conducting
 > experiments," said Jim Stofan, NASA's acting deputy assistant
 > administrator for education programs. "Initiatives like our
 > partnership with Honeywell help the agency foster learning
 > environments that will inspire young people to set their sights on
 > venturing to the moon, Mars and beyond."
 > FMA Live! was named for Sir Isaac Newton's second law of motion
 > (force=mass x acceleration). The program uses interactive science
 > demonstrations, professional actors, original songs and music videos
 > to teach middle school students Newton's three laws of motion and the
 > universal law of gravity.
 > This interactive program addresses critical curriculum objectives to
 > help students understand the Newtonian concepts and to improve their
 > performance in the sciences. Created in 2004, the program has
 > traveled 23,000 miles, visiting 153 schools in 32 states, reaching
 > more than 73,000 students. The program's Web site provides classroom
 > lesson plans and other educational material for math and science
 > studies.
 > During each performance, students, teachers and administrators
 > interact with three professional actors on stage in front of a live
 > audience to experience Newton's laws firsthand. A large Velcro wall
 > is used to demonstrate inertia; go-carts driven across the stage
 > illustrate action and reaction; and wrestling and a huge soccer ball
 > show force is determined by mass multiplied by acceleration. All
 > three of Newton's laws are demonstrated when a futuristic hover chair
 > collides with a gigantic cream pie.
 > For information about FMA Live! on the Web, visit:
 > http://www.fmalive.com/
 > For information about NASA education programs on the Web, visit:
 > http://education.nasa.gov
 > For information about NASA and agency programs on the Web, visit:
 > http://www.nasa.gov/home
 > -end-
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