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Heads Up Western Europe

According to my Two Satellite Visibility schedule from the tracking program 
NOVA, there is a double hop path from the east coast of North America to 
western Europe on Friday March 10th. For a very short time both PCSAT-1 
(NO-44) and PCSAT2 will be in view over my QTH in New York State, grid 
FN33aq. But then NO-44 slides off to Europe over the Atlantic with the ISS 
climbing up along the eastern seaboard of the USA starting at 17:07 UTC. 
Both will be in sunlight the entire time and that's a good thing for NO-44.

I will be beaconing and listening in hopes someone from Europe is on and 
active on 145.825 MHz 1200 baud packet for a two satellite, big pond 
crossing, packet experience.

On Thursday I was able to digi through PCSAT-1 (NO-44), but noticed that 
NO-44 would only digi with an Unproto path set to W3ADO-1. The ARISS path 
must not have been set.

PCSAT2 was operational on 145.825 simplex Thursday evening local using a 
Unproto path of ARISS or PCSAT2.

While checking on the health of the two PCSAT's today I was able to send a 
e-mail message to myself via PCSAT2 that was copied and returned to my 
mailbox by two different stations. One appears to be in New Jersey and the 
other in Canada.

I hope to see a European packet or two on my screen Friday and maybe even be 
heard. I'll be looking for you around 17:07 UTC Friday March 10.

73 Keith N4ZQ/2
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