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Re: ISS Fan Club Site

I'd never visited issfanclub.com before from here (at work) so it's not 
cached. I'll keep an eye out and see if it goes away for me too.

I did a WHOIS lookup on the domain and this is some of the info that 
comes back:
     Administrative Contact Organization: Alain De Carolis
     Administrative Contact Name: Alain De Carolis
     Administrative Contact Address: Via Tevere 15
     Administrative Contact City: Martinsicuro
     Administrative Contact Postal Code: 64014
     Administrative Contact Country: IT
     Administrative Contact Email: alain@alain.it
     Administrative Contact Tel: +39 34 73126733
     Primary Name Server Hostname: NS1.TH.SEEWEB.IT
     Secondary Name Server Hostname: NS2.TH.SEEWEB.IT

If that's correct then I'd say the website is safe.

I performed a DNS lookup of www.issfanclub.com here from my nameserver 
which resolves to I also pulled a DNS lookup from the 
domain's primary namserver (ns1.th.seeweb.it) and it resolves to the 
same IP. Maybe there's an outage on the net somewhere causing you guys 
to not see it. I even went to someone else's computer in my office and 
it loads fine too.

Maybe I'm just lucky?


Brent Taylor wrote:
> Doesn't load up for me at all.  Same here as Glenn has.
> Kevin, is your computer maybe loading a cached copy?  Try a refresh and see
> what happens.
> Brent Taylor, VE1JH
> Doaktown, NB  FN66
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