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Re: Suitsat battery voltage

Thank you for this chart.  I have uploaded it to my website here:



On 2/17/06, Louis McFadin <w5did@mac.com> wrote:
> To those observing the Suitsat voltage,
> Those of us who had the opportunity to observe the Suitsat equipment
> up close while building it are following the voltage readings with
> much interest.
> Your efforts to gather the telemetry data are very much appreciated
> and will contribute to further success should we get the opportunity
> to build a second Suitsat.
> I am including with this e-mail, a chart of battery current vs
> battery voltage. The power system is designed to squeeze every drop
> of power out of the batteries that is possible.
> As you will note the battery current will rise as the battery voltage
> drops. That is the power systems attempt to keep the transmitter
> voltage at 12V. As the battery voltage nears 12V, the regulator will
> no longer be able to maintain 12v output. At a battery voltage below
> 9V all transmissions will cease. The computer will continue to
> operate down to 3V although with no transmissions, Suitsat will
> appear dead.
> I expect this drop off to occur very rapidly.
> We really appreciate the dedication and true amateur spirit of all
> those who have helped us monitor this unique and interesting Experiment.
> Please distribute this e-mail as widely as possible.
> Lou McFadin
> ARISS US Hardware manager

A.J. Farmer, AJ3U
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