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Answer to SuitSat Puzzle

Hello all,

The mission time puzzle that I posted a couple of days ago resulted in
my Inbox being swamped with answers!  I am very glad to see such a
continued interest in SuitSat, but today I realized that responding to
these puzzle answers was taking up way too much of my free time.  
Also, posting of audio reports was falling behind, so I have posted
the answer to the puzzle for all to see on the website.  Thank you to
everyone that responded!  Most of you got it right!

Here is the original text of the puzzle.  There is a link at the
bottom of the page if you wish to see the answer:


Now that I have sifted through answering everyone who responded to the
puzzle, I am now caught up on all of the audio files received thus

Richard, N2SPI, is doing a great job of capturing telemetry on a daily
basis and publishing it in a tabular format, so I have set up a
dedicated page just for his reports.  Thanks, Richard!!


A.J. Farmer, AJ3U
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