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SuitSat heard Feb 10 at 0635 UTC with 3 element beam and HT

I was able to hear the "...SuitSat-1...RS0RS..." and recognized portions of
the the Alexander Alexandrov message.

The equipment was an Arrow antenna and D7 with the squelch open. I had a 61
degree elevation pass and only heard it during about 35 seconds either side
of TCA. At first, just the cycle of faint carrier and static only followed
by 30 seconds of solid static and then the voice ID very clearly but still
with the fading, bits of words and then the repeating cycle of faint carrier
and static.

It seems that you can hear it with a gain hand held setup but you really
need a high elevation pass to take advantage of the close distance. SuitSat
was just over 400 km away during this pass at TCA. I would recommend looking
for a high elevation pass and aiming your beam for the the middle of the
pass and hope SuitSat is not in the 30 second off period between
transmissions. You might just get lucky like me.

Kenneth - N5VHO
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