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SuitSat, Voice Time schedule posted

ISS Amateur Radio Status: February 9, 2006


SuitSat-1  Voice Timing Schedule posted

By Miles Mann WF1F,

MAREX-MG News   www.marexmg.org
Manned Amateur Radio Experiment

Hello all, to help you collect all of the voice
messages, SSTV and telemetry I have posted the voice
message timing schedule on the Marex web.
There are 7 different voice messages for you to find
and post.
There is one “special” word for you to find.
There is one SSTV image for you to snag and decode.
And there is some very important Battey data to
collect.  So far, SuitSat has been running a bit
longer than expected.  lets see if we can collect more
battery information.  It looks like suitSat will be
alive all weekend?


73 and have fun.

SuitSat Details:
For more specific details on the SuitSat project,
please review the AMSAT and related links below.

If you  would like to help ARISS track the performance
of suit sat, then you can go to the special suitsat
web page and log your signal reports.

Additional information on SuitSat at the AMSAT web

ARISS SuitSat Details

ARISS video on SuitSat September 2005


SSTV (Slow Scan TV ):
SSTV is a way Amateur Radio stations send JPG still
images around the world.  We use an audio format we
call SSTV.  The SuitSat project will transmit
Telemetry, Pre-Recorded Voice messages and one SSTV
image.  The whole process will repeat approximately
every 9 minutes. (Robot 36 format).

What's left is to connect your computer to the speaker
of your radio and some SSTV decoding software, such as
ChromaPix http://www.barberdsp.com/
or similar software. Here are just two of the many
Share-Ware SSTV applications on the
market.  There may be many more.

W95SSTV by Silicon Pixels


There are also many High quality pay software
applications that offer many more features, such as
multiple windows that allow you to simultaneously
receive an image while preparing your next image that
you want to transmit.


What is Slow Scan TV?
On this web page you will find many links to help you
learn more about
Slow Scan TV

Tips on how to use ISS, SSTV, Packet and Voice

Location of Hardware on ISS
This link will show you images of some of the amateur
radio hardware
already installed on ISS 

Marexmg Web page

73 Miles WF1F MAREX-MG

Until we meet again
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