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Dale High School and DeGolyer Elementary ARISS Contacts

 Forwarded on behalf of Keith - W5IU
 We had successful "back to back" ARISS contacts at Dale High School in
Dale, OK, and DeGolyer Elementary School in Dallas, TX, yesterday.
The Dale contact started out a little rough with a very high noise level
giving us problems on the first couple of questions, but it got much better
after that.  We completed 15 questions on the 20 degree pass before a crowd
of 500 students, faculty, and guests.  Dale Public Schools have a total
enrollment of 700 and we had all of the students from grades 3 through 12 in
the gymnasium for the contact.  There were two television stations from
Oklahoma City, several newspapers, and CQ VHF Magazine represented.  Coy
Day, ARRL West Gulf Division Director, and John Thomason, ARRL Oklahoma
Section Manager, were both present.  After an 80 minute break, we listened
to the DeGolyer Contact before tearing down.  The same students that asked
the Dale questions read the DeGolyer questions while we were listening to
the DeGolyer Contact.  This was a "neat" climax to successful event.
The DeGolyer contact went off without a hitch before a crowd that filled the
auditorium plus closed circuit TV to the rest of the school.  DeGolyer
completed 17 questions on their 35 degree pass.  The media was well
represented and the Dallas ISD Video Production Crew did a documentary of
this event including the Space Day activities that preceded it.  Jim Haynie,
ARRL Past President, and Tom Blackwell, ARRL North Texas Section Manager,
were present.  The DeGolyer Crew was able to listen to the Dale Contact
prior to their event.
73 - Keith, W5IU
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