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SuitSat Telemetry by N2SPI, New York, USA

>From the website of A.J. Farmer - AJ3U (http://www.aj3u.com/blog/)

Recorded Feb 8 2006 1349UTC
Great Job Richard!! - A.J.
Yippee! I just captured the telemetry for SuitSat-1 at 13:49:41 UTC on 8 Feb
2006 right here in Smithville Flats, NY, USA. I pretty much got all of it.
My audio file is for 8 February 2006 and starts at 13:49:30 UTC (+/- 1
second) as determined by my "atomic" clock. (The "atomic" clock synchronizes
itself to WWVB daily.) The SuitSat message sequence with the telemetry
starts at 00:04 into the file. If you can't make it out, the telemetry woman
says, "...(Mission) time is 006607 minutes, the temperature is 12 degrees
Celsius, the battery voltage is 26.(?)... (volts)".

Also, listen to the beautiful SuitSat-1 audio I captured starting at 00:55
into the file. My four stacked M2 2m12 antenna(s) are bringing home the
bacon! I also have some pretty decent SuitSat-1 image data downloads which I
might send to this site later. Stay tuned. -Richard, N2SPI 

Thanks Richard and keep up the great work!

Kenneth - N5VHO
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