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RE: How to hear SuitSat, what u need


> At the beginning of each 9 minute cycle, the SuitSat-1
> will ID and then speak the Mission time, Temperature
> and voltage in this format:
> This is SuitSat-1 RS0RS
> Mission time is:
> The temperature is: 21 degrees Celsius
> The Battery voltage is: 27.4 Volts

A little clarification.  The telemetry is actually at the end of the cycle,
but with the files playing in a continuous loop, telemetry will come every 9
minutes.  Telemetry comes after the SSTV transmission.

At the beginning of every spoken message, including the SSTV and telemetry,
there is an identification, "This is SuitSat-1, Amateur Radio Station

The telemetry is spoken thus:

Mission time is 000000 minutes.
The temperature is 21 degress Celsius.
The battery voltage is 27.4 volts.

The mission time is spoken as six digits, preceded by leading zeros.  This
is the time, in minutes, since SuitSat was activated (the switches were
turned on).

If the temperature is negative, you will here "negative" before the

The battery voltage is the only telemetry value that is in tenths of a unit
(in this case volts).


- Steve, N7HPR
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