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Re: Reply to How to hear SuitSat, what u need

On 2/7/06, Arthur Rowe <azrowe80@verizon.net> wrote:
>       Miles - is the packet on 437.800  from SuitSat or is somebody
>       sending it not knowing the situation? Arthur N1ORC

It is not from SuitSat.  It is from ground stations that are uplinking
on 145.99.  Unfortunately, there has also been increased voice
activity using the ISS as a crossband repeater.  The ISS receiver has
been unable to pickup SuitSat for whatever reason.  To date, I have
not received an audio file from 437.800 that has SuitSat audio on it. 
I am getting a ton of audio file submissions which contain terrestrial
based packet and voice that is being crossbanded through ISS from
145.99 over to 437.800.  People are sending them to me because they
think it is SuitSat, or they send it to me and ask if I can get them
to stop. (I wish I had that power! hi)  The highest amount of voice
crossband activity seems to be Russian and Eastern Europe stations. 
At this point, I wouldn't even bother monitoring for SuitSat on
437.800.  I would continue to concentrate on 145.99.

Setting up the ISS in crossband repeat for SuitSat was a great idea,
but it is not working.  They may as well either turn it off or put it
into standard crossband mode (437.8 UP/145.8 DOWN) and let people use
that until SuitSat either goes silent or re-enters the atmosphere. 
I'm sure Bill would love to get on and talk anyway. ;-)

A.J. Farmer, AJ3U
SuitSat Audio Files Available at: http://www.aj3u.com
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