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How to hear SuitSat, what u need

ISS Amateur Radio Status: February 6, 2006


SuitSat How to hear it.

By Miles Mann WF1F,

MAREX-MG News   www.marexmg.org
Manned Amateur Radio Experiment

SuitSat-1 was launched on schedule last Friday
February 3rd 2006.  Due to an antenna system problem,
the 500 milliwatts of transmitter power is not making
it all the way to the antenna.  The exact cause of the
power transmitter power loss is not known.  As a
result it is very difficult to copy the signals coming
from SuitSat-1.  The SuitSat-1 transmitter and
controller are still working.  The voice messages,
Telemetry and SSTV image is still being sent every 9
minutes on a repeating cycle.  The down link is just
too weak for most station to copy.  If you do have a
tracking antenna system then we would like to hear
from you if you are able to get some reliable
telemetry information from SuitSat.

Specifically what we need is the following:

Temperature:	Every few minutes the voice will speak
the temperature
Battery Voltage: Its on a 28 volt scale.
Date and time UTC you heard this data.
Location:  where you are when you head this data.

At the beginning of each 9 minute cycle, the SuitSat-1
will ID and then speak the Mission time, Temperature
and voltage in this format:
This is SuitSat-1 RS0RS
Mission time is:
The temperature is: 21 degrees Celsius
The Battery voltage is: 27.4 Volts

If you hear CW, get ready to decode SSTV.  The order
will be a DTMF tone, followed by the CW ID and then
SSTV.  This is also a good time to listen for the
System Telemetry.  The Telemetry comes right after the
SSTV image.  Then the whole process repeats.

What you Need to Hear SuitSat-1:
Antenna, High gain, 10+ dBd at least. (Circular
polarized antennas work better)
AZ/EL Rotor system
Mast Mounted Preamp
Very close pass, better than 40 degrees

How big is my antenna in Gain?
Just count the number of dipole elements that are
one/half wave long
1 = 0 dBd
2 = 3 dBd
4 = 6 dBd
8 = 9 dBd
16 = 12 dBd

Marexmg Web page

73 Miles WF1F MAREX-MG

Until we meet again
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