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Re: SuitSat Signals

>That's why I started a LID list.
>Maybe they'll get the point.
>Maybe they could careless about the experiment

I konw this is a common emotion, but we should probably 
give them all the benefit of the doubt.  Probably most if not
all of them are not aware of suitsat and the TNC's we
are hearing are the same 24/7 packet beacons we hear 
all the time on ARISS, PCsat and PCSAT2.

Of course, the PCsat and PCSAT2 user service agreement
clearly states that unattended operations execpt for
special experiments are not authorized.  Since ARISS has
not published a user service agreement, it appears
that there may be a number of these permanent TNC beacons
that add to the QRM on the uplink.  And in many cases the
owers are just not aware or forgot they they are transmitting
24/7 on a frequency that now has another use.

I think it is in all of our best interest, to not only listen on
145.99 for permanent unattended beacons, but to also do
the same kind of monitoring on all of the rest of the 2m
uplinks in the 145.800 to 145.99 band.  If all we do is 
complain when we hear them through our satellite transponders,
it does nothing to localize the source.

But if we hear one of these uplink stations on our own earth
station, then we have narrowed down their location from
4 million square miles to maybe 100...

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