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Re: Suit sat ? Is it dead

Tony, VK5ZAI wrote:

> During the 0506 utc pass over Australia ( After reports that it was 
> dead) I was convinced that I heard suit sat faintly, I switched to USB 
> mode and picked up doppler shift on the signal, I also heard voice and 
> CW. which I recorded. We have another higher pass coming up in around 
> 10 minutes and I propose to listen again. A thought, Maybe the 
> batteries have warmed up during the 45 mins of sun while approaching 
> Aust.  Any comments on this.
I have gone back over the recorded audio and there may be something 
there. No gain antenna yet (just moved house, still setting up shack) 
but I'll continue to monitor from here. There are two brief bursts of 
"FM Quieting" partway through the pass, but it could well be a local QRM.

Norm, VK2XCI
Mildura, the Wintersun City
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