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SuitSat---A Challenge for those with Big Ears


I will be sending out a more detailed e-mail later today.  SuitSat is 
operating but it appears to be running at a much lower power than 
expected.  I have some recordings which demonstrate this to the point that 
you can definitely hear partials of the voices and can hear the Suit spin rate.

Since we do not know how long this experiment will last, I would ask for 
those with powerful receive stations to listen for Suitsat---especially 
during direct overhead passes when the Suit is closest to your area.  If 
you can record this and send this to me, it would be most appreciated.

During the 9:00 UTC pass in my area I took an arrow antenna outside with an 
HT and heard a partial of the station ID and another voice.  So I am 
certain that the system is operating, but for some reason is running lower 
power.  If it is not transmitting the full 0.5 watts, then the operational 
life will be significantly extended.  But if it is running 0.5 watts and it 
isn't getting to the antenna for some reason, then we have only a few short 
days to learn as much as we can.

So please listen and let us know if you pick up anything definite.


Frank Bauer, KA3HDO
AMSAT-NA VP for Human Spaceflight Programs
ARISS International Chairman
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