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Are YOU READY for Suitsat?

Hello everyone,

As most of you know, Suitsat will be released on Friday 3 Feb. 2006
Look on NASA TV for the Space Walk. Suitsat should be deployed first.
There is plenty of info on the internet. -Google search- Suitsat.

Suitsat will be transmitting on 145.990, which is the "normal" input
frequency for packet operations. RS0ISS-3 packet will be OFF during
Suitsat operations. ARISS will be regularly updating the status of
Suitsat and operations via the SAREX mailing list.

PLEASE DO NOT TRANSMIT ON 145.990 during Suitsat operations. RS0ISS-3
digipeater will NOT be operational!

Transmitting packets (accidentally), will kill other locals listening near 
by you.
Leave your packet software and beacons OFF during Suitsat operations.

I don't think you will make too many friends, and most will be recording.

Speaking of recording, that is the main reason for this thread.....

Here is what "I" am going to do.
It is proven, and works!
Assuming you have a computer and soundcard, appropriate cables, radios etc,
it is easy. I use MMSSTV software for SSTV. 
I am also using at the SAME time, a VOX recorder. Analog/Tape recorders will 
NOT work.. well.
http://xoomer.virgilio.it/aporcino/VoxRecorder/ This works great! All are 
Record and save your SSTV pictures. ie.. MMSSTV is running and saving the 
Meanwhile, the VOX recorder is "logging" EVERYTHING! You will get the voice 
from Suitsat, and the SSTV recorded too! You can replay the recording, and 
decode the
SSTV IF you have "stereo mix" in recording properties checked.

The easiest and most common receive scenario is a decent receiver on 145.990 
and an outside antenna,low loss cable. A 5/8 wave ground plane or a "J" Pole 
works just fine.
These antennas will SUFFER on an overhead pass, BUT the MAJORITY of the 
are within the radiation pattern of a 1/2 wave antenna. A simple 1/2 wave 
dipole/inverted V will work wonders too! A 6 meter dipole or vertical also 
works good!
A 1/4 wave vertical can be used for overhead passes,
but may be useless for all other passes unless you have a good low noise 

IF you have Ham Radio Deluxe you can track, and adjust for Doppler. Doing 
that too, here!
If you lack serial com ports, you can go to Radio Shack and get their 
USB/Serial cable adapter.

I will also be logging on to the APRS-IS. ALL packet racket on 145.990, will 
If you show up, I will send you a friendly email, if I can, and explain 
Suitsat to you.

73, Scott WA6LIE
Salinas, Ca CM96eq
West Coast IGATE station

Hope you all HEAR Suitsat!

(All information expressed in this email is by the author only, and has no 
with ARISS or AMSAT) 
Via the sarex mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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