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Answers below. 

Kenneth - N5VHO

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greetings from patrick n2oeq LI NY

Regarding HF on ISS; Is the rig up there now?
Answer: No.

In the future, could the HF and VHF rigs be connected or configured for
cross band repeat between VHF and 10 or 15 meters etc.
Answer: No.

I dont see the need for a higher license for the crew as it is in free space
as a satellite and could be configured to ID automatically or VHF could be
chosen as the downlink.

This, of course, is during unattended operation.

Answer: The station control license (RS0ISS) would cover unattended
operations but each crew would have to have HF privileges to perform
attended operations (and that seems to be what many operators want is a
chance to talk to the crew).

I tip my hat to bill macarthur for his terrific phone operation.

thanks for any replies, 73, pat
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