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Re: I could use a little advice here....glass mounts

Rogerkola wrote:
> Besides the question whether info on suitsat belongs here or on amsat-bb, I
> have an elementary school that is interested in receiving both ISS and Suitsat
> transmissions but they arn't crazy about me frilling holes in their block
> walls or steel cased windows for coax.
> Does anyone know if a glass mount antenna base can be used as a "pass through"
> for coax? Will it work on what I assume is a form of plate glass? Are the
> different bases for say cellular and VHF frequency sensitive.
> As SWR isn't a problem, since we will not be transmitting, has anyone else
> come up with any good ideas for this type of situation? Just putting a whip on
> the glass mount will not clear the roof, though I suppose I could use a
> collinear arrangement with multiple elements for height.

A crossband VHF receive outside, with UHF transmit will allow you to use a 
handheld UHF HT in the building to easily receive the transmissions.

UHF goes through buildings really well.

Gregg Wonderly
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