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3 Good ISS voice passes in a Row, followup.

Hello everyone:
Here is a follow up to last nights chat with Bill on
Bill seems to have figured out how to change channels
correctly on the VHF ham system on ISS. At the
beginning of 20:08 utc pass over North America, the
D700 was in packet mode.  Then he switched over to
North American voice 145.800/144.490.  Then after he
passed Greenland, he changed channels again to the
European channel 145.800/145.200.  Bill also appears
to be watching a computer monitor with the orbital
plot displayed.  He kept accurately making references
to his position.

During the beginning of the 21:40 UTC pass over North
America, Bill was calling CQ for the “Dakotas”.  I
knew from earlier contact with ARISS, that Bill had
worked over 40 different states and was trying to work
all states. And may countries.  Bill also told a few
hams that he was going to celebrate Russian Christmas
on January 9, and the ISS crew has the day off. After
I hear this , I  jumped in and asked Bill what states
he needed.  I did this assuming there may be a slight
chance he will be on the air on Monday.  If this is
true then bill may be able to pick up the last few
states he needs.  However, Bill never said that he
would be on this Monday.  Bill did give advance notice
that he would be on during the 23.xx pass over North
America.  I tried to get the posting out as fast as
possible so that people in the states HI, AK, ND, SD
and WA would be able to be on the air.  It seemed to
work.  Rumors have it, that bill picked up two or
three new states during the 23.xx pass.  (MT was a
typographical error in my ealier memo)

Bill on ISS follow up.

ISS voice between NA1ISS and WF1F  January 8, 2006 
21:45 UTC

WF1F:	WF1F NA1ISS so how many states do you have left
NA1ISS:  It’s hard to tell right now, I think 4 or 5.

WF1F:	I will send out an email out, It’s the Dakotas
and what else do you need?
NA1ISS: I need the Dakotas, Washington State, Alaska
and Hawaii

WF1F:	Ok I will put out an Email in a few minutes and
we will see if they can come on soon.  Is this your
Last pass of the day?
NA1ISS NO, Ill probably do one more pass, we have got
a pass that almost right over Hawaii and ill probably
do Washington state as well.  So I will probably stay
up for that one, Over.

WF1F:	QSL, Ill post it and we will see if we can get
those to you.  73 WF1F QRT

ISS voice and packet tips


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