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ISWS SCIENCE Status Report: SS06-001


>Jan. 6, 2006
>J.D. Harrington
>Headquarters, Washington
>(202) 358-5241
>James Hartsfield
>Johnson Space Center, Houston
>(281) 483-5111 
>It was back to work this week for the Expedition 12 crew after a long 
>New Year's weekend that marked the halfway point in their six-month 
>stay aboard the station. Sunday is the crew's 100th day in space.
>Expedition 12 Commander Bill McArthur conducted ham radio contacts 
>with schools during the week, and the crew unloaded cargo from the 
>Progress spacecraft that docked to the Pirs Docking Compartment Dec. 
>23. The Progress that arrived in September is docked at the aft port 
>of the Zvezda Service Module. The crew uses its oxygen to replenish 
>the station's atmosphere. The Elektron oxygen generation system will 
>be activated next week after being deliberately shut off in 
>McArthur engaged in computer training for the Foot/Ground Reaction 
>Forces during Space Flight experiment this week. It measures activity 
>and pressure on the legs and feet of crew members while in 
>microgravity. Results will help scientists determine how 
>long-duration missions contribute to bone and muscle loss.
>McArthur did a dry run to calibrate the experiment on Wednesday. He 
>also reconfigured power supplies to the station's computers. On 
>Thursday, he worked with the Binary Colloidal Alloy experiment, which 
>looks at the behavior of fine particles suspended in a liquid in 
>microgravity. Paint, milk and ink are common examples of colloids. 
>Flight Engineer Valery Tokarev worked much of the week setting up the 
>"Matryoshka" radiation detection experiment. It measures crew 
>radiation level exposure. He set up detectors around the station and 
>spent time with a companion "Phantom" torso experiment, placing about 
>370 radiation detectors around the horizontally-sliced replica of the 
>upper part of a human body. He mounted the dummy torso in the Pirs 
>for data collection.
>Throughout the week, the crew performed additional scientific 
>experiments, installed batteries in the U.S. spacesuits, exercised 
>and performed station maintenance.
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