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Re: ARISS Event *REMINDER* - Carman Park Elementary Wednesday (Dec 2...

Hi all,

Don't forget that that the  contact will also be streamed via the Internet.  
Details  below.

Charlie Sufana AJ9N
One of the ARISS  mentors

Carman Park Elementary School, Carman Ainsworth School District,  Flint, MI, 
USA, telebridge via WH6PN in Hawaii.
Contact is a go for Wed  2005-12-21 16:34 UTC 85 deg via WH6PN


To join the event:
URL:  https://e-meetings.mci.com

To access the Audio Replay of this call, all parties  can:
1. Go to the URL listed above.
2. Choose Audio Streaming under Join  Events.
3. Enter the conference number and passcode.  (Note that if this  is a 
recurring event, multiple dates may be listed.)
Replays are available  for 30 days after the live event.

In a message dated  12/20/2005 6:56:26 AM Central Standard Time, 
kenneth.g.ransom1@jsc.nasa.gov  writes:
The next International Space Station's Expedition 12 ARISS school  contact
will be with students at the Carman Park Elementary in Flint,  Michigan, USA
on Wednesday, 21 December 2005. The event is scheduled to begin  at
approximately 16:34 UTC.

This contact will be telebridged between  stations NA1SS and WH6PN in Hawaii.
It should be audible to anyone in the  Hawaiian Islands listening in on the
145.80 MHz downlink. Audio will also be  provided via the following sources:

IRLP -  Connect to the IRLP  reflector 9010.  
You may also connect via the IRLP Discovery website  at

EchoLink - Please give  the EDU_NET server your preference over the AMSAT
server for your connection.  (This will keep the load light on the AMSAT
server, assuring us of better  audio quality all around.)

NASA-TV is planning to air portions of the  audio during their normal live
broadcast. This is available via the web  at

The participants  are expected to conduct the conversation in English.

Please note, the  amateur equipment on the ISS will be turned off prior to
the beginning of the  contact.  It will be returned to service as quickly as
possible after  that event. Information about the next scheduled ARISS
contact can be found  at http://www.rac.ca/ariss/upcoming.htm#NextContact.
Next planned  event(s):
25th Asia Pacific Scout Jamboree 2005, Bangkok, Thailand,  2005-12-31  09:12

ARISS is an international educational  outreach program partnering the
participating space agencies, NASA, Russian  Space Agency, ESA, CNES, JAXA,
and CSA, with the AMSAT and IARU organizations  from participating countries.
ARISS offers an opportunity for students to  experience the excitement of
Amateur Radio by talking directly with  crewmembers on-board the
International Space Station. Teachers, parents and  communities see, first
hand, how Amateur Radio and crewmembers on ISS can  energize youngsters'
interest in science, technology, and learning. Further  information on the
ARISS program is available on the website  http://www.rac.ca/ariss
(graciously hosted by the Radio Amateurs of Canada).  

Thank you & 73,
Kenneth - N5VHO
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