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Re: McArthur contiues contact trend

Hi all

I just made a fantastic QSO with Bill McArthur!
The pass was between 2211 to 2217 UTC and 
maximum  elevation was only 5 deg!!!
As soon IT show the ISS on the horizon (over
Algeria, north Africa), I start calling CQ ISS. 
A couple call's after, Bill reply!!! WOW!!!
At first he didn't got my call, but 30 secs later the 
signal was much better and he aknowldge my full
call, name and gave me 59 report! I did the same,
and then he said "73, Merry Christmas".
After our qso he call CQ several times without
reply. Meanwhile I spoted him on the web cluster, 
and at my LOS I heard him calling I7PQD.

Despite this was my 3rd voice qso with ISS (and
after many more with MIR and the Space Shuttle), 
it's always a great excitment to speak with a 
Thanks very much to the SAREX team for their 
outstanding work, and good luck to all on your 
atempts to talk with a man on space.
Holly Xtmas and a fantastic 2006 to all SAREX fans!!!

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

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> Bill McArthur has been active over portions of the
> United States, Mexico, The Caribbean, Thailand and
> Japan on Dec 17 (GMT). He continues to add to the 200+
> contacts he has made and is looking for new countries
> to add to his log.
> ISS is likely to be active tomorrow if the previous
> activity is any indicator.
> Good luck and 73,
> Kenneth - N5VHO
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