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Recording ARISS Contacts: Was Re: ISS voice pass recording 17:10UTC

> Thanks to Marc (KD5MSS) for the good quality recording I whish others will 
> do the same in the future. I have some audio recording tips on my website. 
> Click on the ISS button and scroll to: Talk with the crew in voice (voice 
> tips!).
> 73�s Cor PD0RKC http://pd0rkc.ontwikkel.nl

Hi Cor.

Rather than using a microphone to record both sides of the contact, I use a
separate receiver (with no antenna connected) to capture my uplink audio, and
mix it with the output of my transceiver (line out) through a pair of 10k ohm
resistors.  I connect the resistor junction to the line-level input of my
soundcard, and adjust (ahead of time) the volume control on the monitor
receiver so it closely matches the level I get from the ISS, and keep the
squelch tight.

The quality of the recording using this method is excellent!

73, de John, KD2BD

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