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Re: ISS voice pass recording 17:10UTC

Re: ISS voice pass recording 17:10UTC

Hello Marc,

I have done some editing on your audio file. I removed most of the beeps 
(where I could hi) and boost up the audio with +3dB (below distortion 
level). I cut several short noise and click sounds, and decreased the delay 
parts. The file was 4mb in .wav format I converted to mp3 now its 1mb. You 
can download from: http://pd0rkc.ontwikkel.nl
Often I send the hams (which Bill spoke to) a e-mail that they can download 
there QSO from the website, many hams have their e-mail addresses on 
QRZ.com, maybe a good idea for al others who made recordings! (help each 
Thanks to Marc (KD5MSS) for the good quality recording I whish others will 
do the same in the future. I have some audio recording tips on my website. 
Click on the ISS button and scroll to: Talk with the crew in voice (voice 
73´s Cor PD0RKC http://pd0rkc.ontwikkel.nl


>It is awesome that Bill McArthur takes the time to get on the radio and 
>with us hams down here on good ole' planet earth.

>I too recorded this pass Scott and if interested I can email ya my copy of
>it.  There are a few "beeps" since I was making a few adjustments to the
>radio when I was recording.....but it doesn't take away from the audio.
>It's in a .wav file.

>Marc, KD5MSS
>Las Vegas, Nevada DM26
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