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Hawthorne Brook Middle School ARISS Contact Successful

Hawthorne Brook Middle School Contacts NA1SS

On November 29, 2005 at 18:24 UTC Students at Hawthorne Brook Middle School
had the opportunity to speak directly with ISS Expedition 12 Commander Bill
McArthur via NA1SS in yet another successfull ARISS contact. Coordinating
teacher Marilyn Richardson used her own amateur radio call sign N1CSH to
establish contact with Space Station as soon as it rose above the horizon.

During the nine minute pass 17 students from grades 6,7, and 8 asked questions
and received answers from Bill on a wide variety of topics. Wearing Blue
t-shirts with an image of the ISS on the back they stood in que waiting to
take their place at the microphone. Meanwhile the ground track of Space
Station was projected on a large screen at the front of the room.

Looking on from the audience were 104 of their classmates, 12 staff, members
of the media (4 newsapapers) and invited guests. The North Middlesex Regional
School District was represented by the Superintendent and Assistant
Superintendent of Schools as well as the Director of Professional

The ground station was assembled by members of the Nashoba Valley Amateur
Radio Club (www.n1nc.org). Their assistance was critical in meeting some of
the challenges associated with the location of the school. For example, in
order to clear surrounding trees tops a 100 foot mobile tower (extended to 70
feet) was setup on the schools basketball court. This degree of support
resulted in a very successful contact for the students. Congratulations and
thanks to Stan KD1LE, Bob W1XP, Larry KB1ESR, Joel W1JMM, Les N1SV, Gary K1YTS
and Richard KB1MBR.

The coordinating teacher, Marilyn, N1CSH, did an excellent job of preparing
the students for the contact. The students did equally well in presenting
their questions in a clear and efficient manner. Both deserve further
congratulations in making this 208th ARISS contact a success.

Hawthorne Brook Middle School is located in the north/central portion of the
State of Massachusetts, USA and has been serving the communities of Townsend
and Ashby in Middlesex County since 1978.


Wayne Harasimovitch, VE1WPH
ARISS Mentor
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