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Bill McArthur Really HAMMING it up!

Hello All,

I hope that some of NASA's HAMS on the ground like Kenneth N5VHO,
tell Bill how much the HAM community appreciates his voice activity!
I told him this afternoon, "Bill I just want to thank for getting
on the air as much as you do. The HAMS really appreciate it!"

I talked to him around 2055 UTC from my mobile in Monterey, Ca. across the
street from the Naval Postgraduate School where Bill has been many times.
I had a visitor with me too, and he thought I was blowing smoke when I told
him it was very possible to talk to the ISS today. Well, he is a believer 
He even go to say HI to Bill. It looks like Bill will remain active on the 
until he returns to terra firma. I hope everyone is able to say hi to Bill 
their kids in the shack to say a quick hi too. Bill likes kids, and I am 
sure he
would like to hear from your kid. All my kids,wife,sister,mother,family and 
have had the opportunity to hear or talk to someone in space. This is always 
too cool to everyone that gets this once in a lifetime opportunity.
Out of these brief contacts throughout the years, I have elmered 3 kids to
become HAMS,(just from space QSO's) and as far as "I" am concerned that is 
one of the greatest
accomplishments that one can get out of this hobby of ours. Education of our 
should be a priority! If you want to talk to ISS you NEED to become a HAM!

So, get your kids involved. If you don't have any kids, invite the neighbor 
kids over.
Find a school in your neighborhood and set up a scheduled ARISS QSO with 
I have had 3 schools set up and ready to go in the past with MIR and ISS.
ALL 3 scheduled were a BUST.. never happened due to space station 
I thought 3rd time was going to be a charm... I am too tired of getting shot 
and embarrassed, so no more attempts with schools for me. I have had my 
"luck" all
other times except for when contacts were scheduled. Go figure.... HI

Make sure you tell Bill thanks for being there for all HAMS around the 

73, and good luck!
Scott WA6LIE
Salinas, Ca. 
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