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Re: NA1SS very active, be grateful.

David Barber wrote:
> Excellent idea however it could backfire.  Contacts work well at the moment
> due to the limited number of callers at any one time.  If many more people
> were potentially trying to make contact at the same time it could result in
> no one completing a successful QSO.  One has to remember that whilst we here
> on earth may only hear those local to us, up there they can hear everything
> in view.

Last year I was about to make a call in response to CQ from the ISS the day 
before the crew was leaving.  But a station in Texas (I'm in Oklahoma and the 
ISS was comming from the north) started calling CQ at there AOS without 
listening and the station operator just stopped.

More people using the ISS won't be good if we have people who can't follow the 
listen first rule...

Gregg Wonderly
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