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Fw: Re: NA1SS very active, be grateful.

Call this an experiment. If it's helpful/useful, I'll leave it in place, if it causes problems, I'll end the experiment.

comments interspersed below


-- "Robert Bruninga" <bruninga@usna.edu> wrote:
> Would anyone be interested in a "notification" 
> list that's only purpose is to send notices when 
>the ISS is active on voice?... You would be able 
>to setup your e-mail capable cellphone or alpha 
>pager to get them immediately.

Im not sure this is practical.  The usable footprint
of ISS is only a 1000 miles or so and the ISS
covers that in about 3 minutes.  

>===== Where I live (Phoenix, AZ), passes are about 10 minutes in length.


If the "detection" of voice is on the WEST coast, then
it would give the EAST coast about 5 minute warning...

>===== More like 20.

But what is the detection system?  Someone hearing voice?
Someone then taking the time to bring up his PC to send
an Email?  Yes autonatic distirbution can be fast, but
I am not so sure about the initial INPUT to this 
hypothetical system.

Isnt it much easier to simply leave a radio on 145.800
and then you hear the astronaut at the speed of light...
I have a receiver always listening in my office.

>===== Lucky you. There's so much electronic noise in my office, a 145.800 receiver is useless.

Dont miss much...

Bob, Wb4APR

>=====Bob, could you stop sending replies both to me AND the list?
It's confusing.
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