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NA1SS very active, be grateful.

I don't know how many of you also monitor
http://www.issfanclub.com or http://oscar.dcarr.org/
but Bill McArthur has been very active over the past
few days. 
Since November 23, NA1SS has made over 50 contact
during brief operating opportunities. On Monday,
reports from Turkey, S. Africa, South America and
North America indicated he was calling CQ and making
contacts.  For those who are still trying, keep it up!
For those of you lucky enough to work him,
Congratulations ,but please give the others a little
more time before making another contact since you have
yours for Expedition 12. Lets see how many different
stations he can work.

Please post your contact to any or all of the sites.
It appears that about 10% of the stations he works
actually report to one of the 3 main info sources
(SAREX, ISS Fan Club, OSCAR Status page). Posting
gives others get a chance to see the real activity
level this crew is providing and can alert others that
a chance to talk with him might only be minutes away.

In addition, Bill has been doing 2 school contacts a
week when his schedule allows. Not since Expedition 3
has a crew member done this on a regular basis. I
think that says a lot about how Bill feels about
education and amateur radio. I fully expect him to
continue to work as many ground stations as possible
over the next 4 months but remember, he does this on
his own time. The fact that only 2 people are on board
the ISS means that the amount of free time is less
than when ISS is fully staffed. 

Please consider saying "Thank you" for all of us if
you are fortunate enough to speak with him.

Kenneth - N5VHO
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