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*International Space Station Status Report #05-58*
*10 a.m. CST, Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2005*
*Expedition 12 Crew*

International Space Station Commander Bill McArthur and Flight Engineer 
Valery Tokarev will enjoy a day off Thursday to celebrate Thanksgiving. 
The holiday highlights a week in orbit of robotics operations, routine 
maintenance and early preparations for a shipment of supplies and 
Christmas gifts.

McArthur and Tokarev are the 12th crew of the space laboratory and will 
be the sixth station crew to observe Thanksgiving on the complex. They 
sent holiday greetings to Earth this week and described their plans to 
feast on irradiated smoked turkey, dehydrated green beans, powdered 
drinks and a thermo stabilized cranberry-apple dessert.

On Monday, McArthur powered up the station's 60-foot robotic arm and 
maneuvered it for training and engineering tests. Working at a control 
panel inside the station's Destiny Laboratory, he used the arm to grip 
and release a fixture on the exterior of the Lab. Following that, he 
positioned the Canadarm2 to allow its cameras to monitor the next 
spacewalk planned from the station.

That spacewalk, a venture outside using Russian spacesuits, had 
initially been planned for December. Managers decided this week to 
reschedule it for Feb. 2, 2006 to ease the crew's workload. Managers 
also decided that a third spacewalk planned for the Expedition 12 crew 
will not be needed. That third spacewalk would have used U.S. spacesuits 
as did a first venture outside by the crew earlier this month. McArthur 
and Tokarev accomplished several get-ahead tasks during their first 
spacewalk, enabling managers to delete the final excursion.

The crew's attention now turns to the next going and coming for the 
complex, the jettison of the ISS Progress 19 supply ship Dec. 20, the 
launch of the new ISS Progress 20 craft Dec. 21 that will dock to the 
complex on Dec. 23. The cargo aboard Progress 20 is expected to include 
holiday gifts from the crew’s families. After it leaves the station, the 
old Progress 19 will burn up in the atmosphere.

For information on the crew's activities aboard the station, future 
launch dates, and station sighting opportunities from anywhere on the 
Earth, visit:


The next ISS status report will be issued Thursday, Dec. 1, or earlier 
if events warrant.

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