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Paul McCartney Provides First-Ever Live Station Wakeup Music


>November 10, 2005
>Allard Beutel
>Headquarters, Washington
>(202) 358-4769
>Nicole Cloutier-Lemasters 
>Johnson Space Center, Houston
>(281) 483-5111 
>Paul Freundlich 
>Paul Freundlich Associates 
>(908) 331-0324
>The International Space Station crew, 220 miles above Earth, will 
>receive a special live musical wakeup call from Paul McCartney Sunday 
>during a first-ever concert linkup. 
>The wakeup will come from McCartney's "US" Tour performance at the 
>Anaheim, Calif., Arrowhead Pond. McCartney plans to play two songs, 
>"Good Day Sunshine" and "English Tea," for NASA Astronaut Bill 
>McArthur and Russian Cosmonaut Valery Tokarev. This is the first time 
>a live concert will be linked to a U.S. spacecraft.
>The call will take place at 12:55 a.m. EST, Sunday, Nov. 13 (9:55 p.m. 
>PST, Nov. 12) as the concert is nearing its end; and McArthur and 
>Tokarev are awakening for the 44th day of their six month mission in 
>space. It will be broadcast live on NASA TV, with video expected of 
>McArthur and Tokarev and audio from both locations. 
>During his tour, McCartney has paid tribute to the crew of Space 
>Shuttle Discovery's STS-114 mission, a flight to the space station 
>last summer. On Aug. 9, the Beatles' classic "Good Day Sunshine" was 
>played as a wakeup call for Discovery's crew because of a favorable 
>weather forecast for landing that morning. 
>"I was extremely proud to find out that one of my songs was played for 
>the crew of Discovery this summer," McCartney said. "In our concert 
>we hope to repay the favor." McCartney is nearing the end of his 
>11-week "US" tour. 
>"Since people were first awakened on the moon by mission control, 
>wakeup songs have been a space tradition to brighten the crew's day 
>and get them off to a great start," said astronaut Eileen Collins, 
>who commanded Discovery. "We're honored that Paul McCartney will be a 
>part of this historic delivery of music for Bill and Valery. It will 
>surely give them a big boost as they continue through their research 
>McArthur and Tokarev are the 12th crew of the station, which has had a 
>continuous human presence for more than five years. The station has 
>an internal volume larger than an average three-bedroom house and 
>includes the most sophisticated space laboratory ever flown. 
>NASA TV's Public, Education and Media channels are available on an 
>MPEG-2 digital C-band signal accessed via satellite AMC-6, at 72 
>degrees west longitude, transponder 17C, 4040 MHz, vertical 
>polarization. In Alaska and Hawaii, they're on AMC-7 at 137 degrees 
>west longitude, transponder 18C, at 4060 MHz, horizontal 
>polarization. A Digital Video Broadcast compliant Integrated Receiver 
>Decoder is required for reception. For digital downlink information 
>for each NASA TV channel and access to NASA TV's Public Channel on 
>the Web, visit: 
>For more information about the space station and the crew's mission on 
>the Web, visit: 
>For more information about McCartney, visit: 
>For information about NASA and agency programs on the Web, visit: 
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