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ISS Digi Down.. How about PCSAT2?

Hello All...

Who knows when the ISS digipeater will be in service again.
I know everyone at ARISS is doing what they can to get it going.

In the meantime... how about PCSAT2?
It is a crossband digipeater.
145.825 Uplink and 435.275+- Doppler Downlink.

Most of us have dualband radios these days.
Some may have monobanders too, and sometimes ideal.
However, these days, most radios can be controlled by a computer.
All one needs is an interface cable from the rig to computer.
Ham Radio Deluxe  http://hrd.ham-radio.ch/ is FREE software,
and has a satellite tracking mode to control your Radio,TNC,Rotor
etc... Simon has done a lot of new stuff on the satellite tracking/radio
control that makes it "EASY" to use on most radios. 
I highly recommend the AGW Packet Engine too.
This way, you can also use your soundcard on your computer to receive,
and with some work, transmit too with NO TNC!

I hope to see you on PCSAT2!
See..  http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/pcsat2.html for more info.

73, Scott
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