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Birthday Wishes to Sergei Krikalev From Kuwait

Last night (27th August) at 16:30 Zulu time, the ISS passes over
Kuwait City (maximum elevation was 24). I called the ISS few times
until Krikalev answered my call. I was surprised to hear his voice
over Kuwait. I didn't expect him to be active over Middle East. I had
short good contact with Sergei, I wished him a happy birthday (turned

This was my first contact with ISS. This is such great moment and
unforgettable moments in my life, thanks Sergei to make it happen and
to everyone who helped me get started in ham radio. It's great to
speak to a person in space, Krikalev is my idol and I am happy that I
got the chance to speak to him and hear his voice live over Kuwait.

I used IC-2200H with 65 watt, and 5-element Dimond antenna and let my
sister holds the antenna and rotate it while the ISS moves.

Listen to my QSO with Sergei
(http://www.alain.it/U5MIR-9K2MD_27-08-2005-short.mp3 ) and check my
blog sometime later to add photos of my simple shack.

73 de Maryam 9K2MD
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