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Re: QSO with Sergei, U5MIR on board ISS!!!

Kenneth, N5VHO wrote:

>Nice to hear someone else got to pass along well
>wishes. Anybody else send greetings? Anybody else get
>a response?
>Kenneth - N5VHO
>--- "Sion Chow Q. C. (9W2QC)" <9w2qc@9w2qc.net> wrote:
>>Hello Group,
>>Today (27 August 2005), ISS passed over West
>>Malaysia at 1945 Hours
>>Malaysian Time or 1145 Hours UTC with a maximum
>>elevation of 40 degrees.
>>During this pass, the packet digipeater and mailbox
>>was not heard and
>>therefore I tried calling the crew as there were
>>reports of the crew being
>>active on voice half an hour ago.
>>(BTW, today is Sergei's birthday).  This was the
>>first time I made a contact
>>with Sergei, and this was my 2nd contact with ISS's
>>crew.  Signals were very
>>clear and nice, 59 all the way.
>>Frequency used was 145.800 FM +/- downlink and
>>144.490 FM +/- uplink.
>>Antenna was only a 10-element Diamond Yagi,
>>vertically polarized.  Rig was
>>FT-847, running 50 watts.
>>No one else was active on this pass and I am happy
>>to be the only station
>>around this region to wish Sergei a very happy
>>This is the first time in my life that I have wished
>>a human out of the
>>world, in space, happy birthday, and I am very happy
>>that I did it.  I guess
>>amateur radio operators are very privileged as
>>amateur radio is the only way
>>an ordinary person can speak to an astronaut when he
>>or she is in space.
>>Also, not many people get the chance to wish another
>>human in space happy
>>birthday.  I have recorded the pass, and will post
>>the recording shortly.
>>THANK YOU VERY MUCH, SERGEI for the brief but
>>memorable contact.
>>Have a nice weekend and good DX.
>>Sion Chow Q. C.,
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27 Aug 05,  23:25 utc
G'day All
Just had a nice chat to Sergei as he passed over Australia,  John had 
just gone to bed, he sounded in high spirits.

Best regards,

J.A.Hutchison.  VK5ZAI
P.O Box 470
South Australia

Australian ARISS Co-ordinator
web site :- http://www.electric-web.org
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