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Station Crew to do Aug. 18 Spacewalk


Expedition 11 Commander Sergei Krikalev and NASA Science Officer John 
Phillips will go outside the International Space Station this Thursday 
on a spacewalk to remove, replace and photograph experiments and 
relocate equipment.

Sergei Krikalev and John Phillips Image to right: Expedition 11 
Commander Sergei Krikalev (left) and Flight Engineer John Phillips in 
the Destiny laboratory of the International Space Station. Credit: 
NASA(picture not shown)

Krikalev, designated EV1, will be making his eighth spacewalk. This is 
Phillips' first spacewalk.

Wearing Russian Orlan spacesuits, both with red stripes, the two are 
scheduled to open the hatch of the Pirs docking compartment airlock at 
2:55 p.m. EDT (1855 UTC) to begin the six-hour spacewalk.

The first task is to remove a Russian Biorisk experiment container 
housing bacteria from the outside of Pirs.

Next they will remove an MPAC and SEED panel from the large-diameter aft 
section of the Zvezda Service Module. MPAC is a micrometeoroid and 
orbital debris collector. SEED is a materials exposure array.

Crewmembers then will move to the Matroska experiment, a torso-like 
container with radiation dosimeters in human-tissue-equivalent material. 
They will remove it and later, with the MPAC and SEED panel, bring it 
back inside the Station.

Krikalev and Phillips will install a television camera on Zvezda, then 
photograph and check a Korma contamination exposure experiment tablet on 
a handrail. Once that is complete, they will remove an SKK materials 
exposure experiment container and replace it with a similar unit.

Their final task is to remove from the Zarya module a grapple fixture 
for a Strela crane and relocate it on Pressurized Mating Adaptor No. 3, 
attached to the Station's Unity node.

Krikalev and Phillips will return to Pirs to wrap up their spacewalk at 
about 8:55 p.m.(0055 UTC)
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