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Re: ISS amateur radio (fwd)

Scott- Extingflame wrote:
> Hello All...
> The repeater is working good but it has a lot of
> Pre-emphasis on the repeater audio. Which basically means that it is
> amplifying all audio coming into the repeater. So, if you can, turn DOWN
> your audio and you will be heard, and sound good. It appears that when
> you have a hot mic into ISS repeater, your signal overloads/degrades
> your signal. 

Such a shame.  Having worked on many D-700s, and converted many more to 
fix the x-band audio problem, it sounds like they sent the ISS a D700 
that does not have the x-band audio "fix" installed.  I wonder what 
"appliance operator" approved that.  <groans>

Be safe, y'all.

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